Jumat, 05 Juni 2015

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (2015) Play Streaming

Takers is a slick heist film, but that's all it is.. Anthony Hopkins and a cast of erstwhile next-big-things go slumming in Daniel Alfredson's listless, fact-based kidnapping caper.. Laughable subplots about Elba's addicted sister (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) and Dillon's crooked partner (Jay Hernandez) only slow the action, which is all this movie has going for it.. Luessenhop and his antic camera are after a kineticism that eludes them: He shoots too closely; he's practically crawling up his chara...


Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (2015) Play Streaming Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Hazel I. Traylor

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